Ditchers is an action game based on principles of the legendary game Tunneler. Underground tanks dig tunnels in the soil and their goal is to find and destroy the opponent using a variety of weapons.



Many players can participate in a game at once. At one computer, two people can play in splitscreen and with any number of artificial players. Network game is also available.


While the game is perfectly playable at one computer it is also possible to play over network. A small server application is included so any number of clients may connect and play. The server can maintain any number of games simultaneously.

Artificial players

AI players (bots) are available in the game. Furthermore, these bots work according to AI scripts and it is possible to alter these scripts or to create new ones. The game can be also run with no human players to spectate how able scripted AI players are.


Here are some pictures from the game to attract you to download and try it.

Server lobby In game Game in splitscreen mode


The game is currently available for unix systems only. You can install the game by downloading and compiling its source. There is a simple script that installs necessary libraries and then compiles and installs the application.

Download here


If you wish to get more thorough information, to rate the project or to help with development somehow (for example by creating linux packages for unusual architectures), feel encouraged to proceed to the Sourceforge project web:

Project development

If you wish to get the newest development version, you will want to checkout the svn repository:

svn checkout ditchers

If you do not wish to create your working copy, use export instead of checkout.

External links

The game is also hosted at following sites: Happy Penguin Freshmeat Softpedia

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